Share your family moments
safely and privately

GooGoo is an app that families use to share their precious and personal moments.

Mobile phone screen showing a photo of a smiling 5 year old girl with colorful paint all over her face.
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Spread and receive love

Keep your loved ones in the loop of your family's happiness by sharing photos and videos of the important moments.

They can show their love and appreciation by reacting to what you shared.

Single place to share your family album

Invite your relatives and close friends and share your family life in a single place.

No longer send the same photo on three different group chats across two different apps.

Invitation only

GooGoo family profiles are visible by invitation only.

Send a secret invitation code to your loved ones and accept their connections at your discretion.

No unwanted eyes, privacy by default.

Full control of viewership

Only people you allow are able to see the moments you share, without an option to re-share or forward.

GooGoo will show you who has viewed them, so you stay in control.

Allow other members of your family share their moments too

Add your partner to the family profile and let them share their photos and videos too.

Perfect chance to see the different perspectives.

Safe space, only real people

Be sure that your loved ones will not be exposed to the fake, filtered up photos, engagement baiting and other toxic content that is so common on social media.

On GooGoo it’s only real people sharing real moments.

No ads, no tracking, no data selling

Be safe knowing that because we don't have ads, we don't need to track and sell your personal data.

You and your family are safe with us.

Complete clean up when you’re gone

And when you decide GooGoo is no longer for you, delete your account and be sure that we will scrub any content you uploaded or any data we have about you. It will be as if you’ve never installed the app.